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Companion Brands Information Page: Our Sievert product range is presented in full when you select to browse the "Sievert" brand here. For most purposes, this is where you will find what

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Understanding Sievert systems

Our Sievert product range is presented in full when you select to browse the "Sievert" brand here. For most purposes, this is where you will find what you need.

If, however, you already have some Sievert equipment you want to match to, or you want to purchase a number of items intended to work smoothly together, Sievert offers its products matched into "Systems". Equipment belonging to a particular system is guaranteed to fit and work together without fuss. We do not recommended mixing and matching between systems, except as shown in the combination charts (next).

Combination charts

Refer to the Sievert combination charts here for Promatic and Pro 88/86 systems. These PDF charts give a detailed overview of how products in these two systems fit together.

Brief introduction to the systems


Promatic is the most complete and advanced system in our range. The patented piezoelectric ignition, universal handle, range of accessories, advanced design and ergonomic appearance make Promatic a world-beating system for all possible heating tasks where efficiency and professional workmanship are the most important requirements.

Promatic - Sievert's top of the line torch system operates with propane, butane and Mapp® gases.

Pro 88/86

The Pro series meets high criteria for carrying out professional heating tasks. Whether soldering, paint stripping, cabling, roofing or gold/silversmith's work, the high quality combined with convenience and a comprehensive range of accessories makes the Pro series a versatile tool for the demanding craftsman.

Pro 88/86 - Sievert's classic torch system program operates with propane, butane and Mapp® gases.

Metaljet and Powerjet

The lightweight, handheld Metaljet and Powerjet torch systems operate on pure propane or butane, a mixture of propane and butane, Ultragas (a highly efficient anti flare mixture) and our new Ultramapp (the hottest mixture, capable of generating extremely high heat).These blowtorches provide everything the craftsman or discerning home handyman requires.

Metaljet and Powerjet torches, with their many unique features, are the most advanced blowtorches for hard or soft soldering, heat shrinking, heating and dismantling work.


Easy to use piezo ignition blowtorch with changeable swivel burners for hands-free work. For direct connection to disposable cartridges or refillable cylinders.

Handyjet and Jet

Both Handyjet and Jet gas torches are ideally suited for soft soldering, small brazing, paint stripping and other heating applications Utilising low cost disposible butane gas cartridges, these torches are especially suitable for D.I.Y. applications and the infrequent user.


The Gardener system is comprised exclusively of weed burners.The application of heat using a Gardener weed burner bursts the cell walls in the plant and cause the plant to die in a few days from dehydration. Weed burners can be connected direct to disposable cartridges, direct to refillable cylindersor to refillable cylinders via a hose, depending on which model is chosen.

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